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Frequently Asked Questions

When is registration?

Registration for Spring 2023 baseball begins on January 25 and runs through March 5.   

Who should I contact if I have a specific question?

You can send any questions to

How do I know which league is right for my child?

Players register for a league based on their age as of May 1. A list of leagues and associated age ranges is on our Spring 2023 page.

My child is an excellent player and I would like him/her to “play up”.

If your child has a significant amount of baseball experience and is playing at a high level we may honor a request to play up an age bracket. Requests may be made by emailing us directly at We reserve the right to require a skills assessment as part of any request. 

Can I request a particular team?

The online registration form allows parents to request a specific coach when registering their child. We do our best to accommodate all requests, but it’s not always possible.

How do I make a friend request?

Friend requests may be made on the online registration form. We try to accommodate all requests, but it’s not always possible. We do allow siblings playing in the same league to play together.

How will I be notified about my assigned team?

Team assignments are generally made in late March, with notifications being sent out by email.

When do practices and games start?

In general team practices will begin in early April and games will start in mid-April. This may fluctuate based on weather conditions.

What days are practices and games?

Practices are run at the coach’s discretion and may be scheduled whenever works best for the team. There are usually one to two games per week, with most happening on weeknights. Saturday games will be played as needed.

What are the bat requirements?

We currently allow players to play with any alloy or composite bat they choose. We don’t require bats to meet any specific standard. We don’t currently allow wood bats.

Which bat should I get for my child?

We don’t make recommendations about bat type or size, but suggest that parents find a bat that fits their child’s skill level and future needs. Most currently available alloy and composite bats will work well for low and moderately skilled kids. You can learn more about choosing an appropriate bat size at

Does the league provide equipment?

We provide batting helmets, batting tees, and catcher’s gear for American League teams. Players will need to provide their own baseball glove and bat, or share with teammates. National League teams need to provide all their own equipment. We provide all game balls. 

What do I get with the registration fee?

Along with regular season and playoff games, the league will provide a hat and t-shirt for each registered player.

I’d like to coach my son/daughter’s team.  What do I need to do?

Parents interested in coaching their child’s team need to register to be a coach. The registration link is on the Spring 2023 page.

Can I get a refund if we decide not to play?

We are typically able to honor all refund requests as long as regular season games have not started.